Cheerleaders for one day

On a cold Russian street Omar Galanti meets up with Alysa, looking fashionably hot in black hair with auburn highlights, black leather jacket and tight, black leather pants. He's got a present for her: Lioness, a longhaired, blue-eyed blonde who strolls up in a furry winter coat. Back at Omar's apartment he brings out his collection of toys, including the purple double-headed dildo the girls share ass-to-ass and the gigantic strap-on with which Lioness fucks Alysa. And Lioness stuffs two big dildoes up Alysa's elastic asshole simultaneously, resulting in a spectacular gape. The gapes continue wide as caverns and raw as entrail sushi while Omar repeatedly, relentlessly porks their holes. And incorrigible, flexible Alysa gets to know the taste of ass - her own and Lioness', sampled on Omar's monstrous cock as he moves it from asses to mouth. After he jacks his jism into Alysa's kisser, the girls blow him clean and kiss the excess spunk from each other's face.

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